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  • Can you share the tangible benefits of your product?
  • Can you share the intangible benefits of your products?
  • What is the customer journey to your products?
  • Income: Are you focused on short term income and can you look more at building long term income?
  • Equity: Are you looking at building long term equity in the business or just short term equity?

Transparency & Integrity

  • Do you have ethical business practices? What are they?
  • Are you able to share supply chain and manufacturing processes and be honest about your choices?


  • Do you put others and the environment before profit and sales?
  • How do you demonstrate Corporate Social Responsibility?
  • Do you solve a need, or a problem that is not related to the need your product offers the customer?
  • Do you partner with charities, local initiatives and affiliates programmes supporting CSR?

Product Persona

  • Who is it for and what value does it bring the customer?
  • Why does it exist and how does it work?
I'm Kirsty the face of curated skincare & beauty, moving people towards a more beautiful way of being. Together we can get your product ‘market ready’.
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Is your product fit for market?

Why does your product exist?

Who is the product for?

What is the product?

How does it work?

Completing the ‘Market Ready Report’ is the first step in your growth journey. I see a value in collaborating, to establish a baseline of where you are today with industry benchmarking and where you want to be tomorrow. A report card offers you a status update of your current business reality which can prevent costly reactive actions. You have come to an expert who has a proven model for guiding clients on their journey.  I'll help to minimise your risk and evaluate what are the priorities in the business.

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How to move you and your customers towards beauty...

Brand Strategy

Brand Strategy

Using the data gathered from the Market Ready Report, I'll have a baseline of where your business is today. Together we overlay this with a 5 step Plan for stand out brand success.

Product Development

Product Development

I work with approved industry professional partners; cosmetic scientists, cosmetic regulators & safety assessors, contract manufacturers and creatives to conceptualise the product at 'before product/market fit' (BPMF) stage.

Industry Compliance


I adhere to industry regulations and governing laws ensuring products are industry compliant and safe. I'm committed to honest and truthful claims in marketing. I'm staunch advocates of removing negative communication such as ‘anti’  from the word ‘anti-ageing’ and ‘greenwashing’ from marketing communication.

Product Design


I work with award winning graphic designers, web developers and industry futurists.

Sales and Marketing

Sales & Marketing

Building up the sales pyramid -  establishing your core business, growing at scale using tools to leverage and build awareness. That allows the product to shine post production 'after product market fit' (APMF) stage.

Industry Reporting

Industry Reporting

I digest, review and share insights gathered from credible sources from Mintel to The Future Laboratory. I'm an active member of CEW UK. I regularly presents at industry events, and over the last three years I've guest lectured at Sotheby’s Art Institute.

Brands I’ve worked with include...

Mi-rê LogoPure & Light LogoProfessional Beauty Group LogouGlow LogoNovexpert Paris LogoJacqueline Piotaz LogoVisoanska LogoThalion Logo

ELISE VERDOT | Responsable Export | Export Manager chez Laboratoires Novexpert

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Meet the Product Barometer

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Industry Insights

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What to consider when launching a brand?

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